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purple socks

Terrible horrible no good very bad month

Mirrored from String Notes.

You can read the full tale to date at my other blog, where I’ll be chronicling my latest adventure, but the short version is that no matter how healthy I am or how fine I feel, I’ve been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer.


I won’t be mentioning it much here, but intend to write a fair bit at the other site. There’s no percentage in silence and secrecy.



Oh, my goodness, I am glad you followed up on that minor complaint, and hope that you are able to get the cancer gone and return to complete good health.

Also, thanks for the link to your other blog--somehow I had missed you had one, and have now added it to my reader feed.
If you'd rather use LJ, it's mirrored at sarahgoslee.livejournal.com just as this one is mirrored from stringpage.com/blog

The other blog is more for science, politics and ficton-writing, to keep this one lighter and more focused on hobbies and fiber arts.
Egads! Best wishes that you get that safely and completely out of you, and have a long and happy life afterwards.